How Coolstra Innovation benefits Hotels and Restaurants?

New Cooling Solution Range with same trusted quality and service by Mukunda Foods

By Shashank

In today's fast-paced hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants strive for excellence in every aspect of their operations. Food safety, quality, and efficiency are paramount considerations, and the right cooling solution plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. 

Since frozen foods are the norm these days, being quite easy and fast to cook. The catch with frozen food is, they are supposed to be kept at SOP defined freezing temperature before being deep fried at a fixed oil temperature. The balance of heat distribution cooks them to perfection, hence a proper temperature monitoring & control refrigeration system is a must.

The idea of getting a sharper edge over the competition gets even more intense with every newly introduced technology. A fresh introduction of Coolstra - cooling solution range offered by Mukunda Foods presents a new touch of technology to the existing solutions. With the help of IoT capabilities it can sense real-time temperature monitoring and instant alerts. This feature ensures that kitchen staff are aware of the current temperature at a glance in their cooling systems. Prevention of spoilage in the perishable items or keeping the frozen items at optimal levels can be done with ease. This major advantage over traditional solutions eliminates any potential risks of guessing and spoiling the premade.

Coolstra revolutionizes the way cooling systems are managed inside commercial kitchens, providing real-time notifications to mobile phones or email in the event of temperature fluctuations, door left open, or power disruptions. Machines are also capable of handling any mishaps by sending service alerts to the service team keeping the machine up and running. The data and alerts generated by the advanced system can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

Every kitchen requires different sizes and types of Freezers, Chillers and Makelines. Coolstra has Freezers, Chillers and Makelines which can be either vertical or undercounter with an option to choose them to be static or ventilated as per the kitchen use.