Smart Equipments to grow your Burger Business

Burger, the star product

By Shashank

Thinking about starting your own Burger Brand? This blog will help you find the perfect kitchen appliances for your venture ahead. Burgers and fries are one of the fast-selling food items among the young masses. This makes Burger outlet a lucrative business to enter the market with the surety of them being in demand. The machines listed below will help you be carefree about the food’s taste and quality. 

1. Freezers: Starting off with a Freezer to keep your premade patties away from harmful bacteria and getting perished, overall increasing its shelf life. Freezers can operate in sub-zero temperatures and maintain temperatures at as low as -18°C, preserving the nutritional value and freshness of the stored items. The freezer also features a digital temperature display and an adjustable thermostat, making temperature management easier. An automatic defrost function that eliminates ice build-up and ensures better ventilation of fresh air and a reliable operation. The freezer also comes with cleanable gaskets for better hygiene practice. 

2. Eco- Fryer: Getting the perfect crisp every time on patties and fries for your burgers is an integral part of any burger brand. The product to look out for has to be a good trustable deep fryer. Eco-Fryer comes with plenty of smart features to save you from extra hassle and cost. Menu management and Automatic Oil Temperature control can help you cook different patties and fries needing different sets of temps and time to cook. In addition, a motorized basket that pulls them out at the perfect time and gives you a buzzer notification when done. Moreover, to save you from extra electricity cost and fire hazard, it will go into sleep mode when not in use. The Eco-Fryer gives you flawless frying with minimum human intervention, leaving room for better resource utilization across the kitchen. 
3. WarmX: After getting a perfect crisp on the fries and chips, letting it get stale won’t be wise. A Chip Dump can keep them warm and heated until the whole order is prepared. 
4. Eco-Press: Giving the variety of patties and buns the perfect grilling treatment is the Eco-Pan. The machine comes with an intelligent heating system spread across the hot plates evenly. Coming with two hot plates on each side, Eco-pan automatically presses, cooks - with the set time and temperature and releases when done. The automatic nature of the machine ensures perfect grilling with no human intervention once set. Menu management is a key feature that lets the Brands decide the temperature to cook at and time to cook till, creating their own SOP. For instance, the time and temperature required to grill a chicken patty will differ from a mutton patty. The machine helps in getting consistency in taste and quality without breaking a sweat. 
5. Make line: Make Lines can make your final lap of burger preparation feel like a breeze. Once the patties and buns are ready to assemble, then comes the difficult part of customizing them. Customers do come with their unique requests for the burger fillings and to avoid any mistakes, make lines are the most suitable utility product for your kitchen. They come as an undercounter chiller, on top of which is the assembly station with chilled sections to keep sliced fillings like cucumber, tomatoes, olives, pickles, etc. fresh throughout the day's work. Adding to the ease of access, the auto-closing doored undercounter chiller is where you can store your whole vegetables to keep them fresh.
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