How Automation in commercial kitchen improve its efficiency?

An Automated Commercial Kitchen setup for best efficacy.

By Shashank

As a cloud kitchen or QSR owner, you always encounter challenges in the kitchen while maintaining a consistent taste and quality under the time limit for order preparation. In today's fast-paced food delivery scenario, there is an even greater expectation for quick response times due to time constraints. 

Catering to unique sets of people while ensuring repeat visits is the aspiration for every food brand. However, problems arise when there is a loss of taste, especially when a customer returns. Additionally, competition becomes even more challenging with customers now having plenty of other options at their fingertips makes it even more competitive. One bad experience and your business might lose them forever. 

For example, a popular burger brand is loved for its grilled patty burger. The brand goes to great lengths to ensure that the signature burger tastes the same daily and at all outlets. However, with human judgments on temperature, cooking time, and changes in staff, it becomes difficult to ensure consistency in grilling. On the other hand, if the brand adopts an automated smart griller, it can prepare the same burger patties more efficiently using monitored temperatures evenly spread across the hot plate, promising a consistent crispy patty every time. 
There is no denying that Burgers and fries are an inseparable pair. When eating fries, we make sure each of them are crispy outside and soft inside. For getting a perfect fry in every try they need to be fried at the right temperature for the perfect amount of time. This can be a challenging task with a manual fryer or kadhai. However, when prepared in an automatic fryer, the fry's basket will be pulled out at the perfect time without any manual monitoring or intervention required.

Just like how we have moved forward from time consuming methods to simpler machines in our kitchen like - Mixer, Oven, Toaster, AirFryers, etc., it's time to consider more efficient and less skill-dependent machines for our commercial kitchens. Automation can be an ideal starting point for improving operational efficiency, fixing taste inconsistencies, and reducing dependence on skilled manpower. Better resource utilization can significantly impact a restaurant's time and quality management. 

Efficient order handling during peak hours optimizes kitchen production time. Businesses can now focus more on customer experience and fully rely on the food served, knowing it will never be over or undercooked. 

Providing such automation solutions is Mukunda Foods, a brand made in India and based out of Bangalore. Aiming to build the kitchen of tomorrow, future-proofing your kitchen business and making expansion and growth easier.