How Consumer Food Habit Has Evolved F&B Industry During Pandemic – An Industry Insider Report

The lockdown imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus brought a complete pause for restaurant owners, as well as online food delivery services. But as the restriction eases and we get closer to finding a long-term solution to the virus, the trend line could very well match a U-shape, if not V-shape.

Automation might just be the answer.

The intent behind covering food trends in India, top restaurant formats, innovative solutions, popular foods, and kitchen automation is to emphasize that opportunities still exist even in these challenging times. The restaurant owners need to make smart investments and prompt decisions; they need to identify and tap on the existing opportunities in order to survive, revive, and thrive.

Why Read It:

  • An insight at where restaurants and food services industry were, are, and will be.
  • Automation, F&B Industry, and What Changed in this Pandemic
  • Online Food Trends in India: Pre and During Pandemic
  • Innovations COVID-19 Brought in the Restaurant Industry
  • Top Cities That Love Ordering Food Online

A must-read for every foodservice industry professional who aims to be a numero uno market player!