Cloud Kitchen, Quick Service or Casual Dining Restaurant, find out which model is the best pick for foodpreneurs

The introduction of online food delivery made a wide customer base shift to online ordering. While 78% of them choose this platform as it offers convenience, 72% opt for online food due to variety. Similarly, there will also be a major shift towards the three prominent foodservice models that are expected to take over the market in the future:
Cloud Kitchen or Quick Service (QSR) or Casual Dining Restaurant (CDR).

While you might be looking forward to investing in one of these models, here's the latest white research paper by Mukunda foods that will give an in-depth comparison considering the factors like price, menu, staff, delivery mechanism, profit margins, and the pros and cons of each of the model.

This comparative study will help you to make a healthy investment decision and pick a model that suits your objectives the best

Why Read It:

  • Influence of the leading foodservice categories in the market
  • Current market trends
  • How foodpreneurs are upscaling their business
  • Comparison between Cloud Kitchen, QSR, and QDR based on various factors of influence

A must-read for every foodservice industry professional who aims to be a numero uno market player!