Filter oil with a minimal cost
of Rs.1.25/litre.

FiltrO overview


When customers order any fried food, they mean truly fried, golden, lightly greasy to the touch, and audibly crunchy. Frying or deep frying can be an intimidating cooking method due to consistency. Consistency in fried food is a tough job when you use the same oil continuously for days. In the process of frying foods, the quality of the oil will gradually decline and intern increase your TPC (Total Polar Compounds) resulting in darker & low-quality output which greatly affects the customer’s perception. This also brings the problem of food hygiene and safety which can be a risky job. Therefore, the frying oil must be replaced after a period of us which leads to high operational costs. So to help you Mukunda Foods have come up with a solution “FiltrO” which helps in extending the oil life span and saving operational costs. This machine removes impurities, solid particles, and cooked & burnt residues, and other contaminations and helps in reduces TPC, extends the hours of frying oil, and saves operational costs.


How it works


Compact Design:

It is an ergonomically designed machine that is compact and portable can be easily portable, and can fit in even small containers for filtration.

Simple and
easy to operate


Easy to clean
& maintain


Filters oil
in 10 minutes

Filters up to
20 litres at once

Without filtration

With filtration


Increases oil life span by 50%

Reduces the oxidation
of the oil

Easy to operate with minimal manual intervention

Helps in making tasty and better-looking fried food

Reduce operational cost

Increase the shelf life of fried food

Enhances the oil colour, viscosity, taste & transparency

Controls the TPC from increasing rapidly

Cleans Oil in less than 10 Minutes!

Can use a single filter paper for multiple filtering cycles