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M-CS1001 - V/+ | Vertical Chiller | 4 DOOR
(Excl. all Taxes)
Chillers from Mukunda Foods are designed especially for commercial kitchen needs. They are the most convenient way of preserving food. The cabinet ensures easy storage. And an electronic panel ensures proper temperature control. Overall, Chillers keep food fresh and preserve it for longer. Just what you would expect from the experts in cooling.
M-CS451 - V/+| Vertical Chiller | 2 DOOR
(Excl. all Taxes)
Mukunda Foods Chillers are tailor-made to meet the demands of commercial kitchens. These refrigeration units offer unparalleled convenience when it comes to preserving food. With their spacious cabinets, storing food is a breeze. Plus, the electronic panel allows for precise temperature control, ensuring optimal storage conditions. In summary, Chillers by Mukunda Foods maintain the freshness of food and extend its shelf life, exemplifying the expertise of cooling specialists.
M-FS1001 - V/- | Vertical Freezer | 4 DOOR
(Excl. all Taxes)
Mukunda foods freezers are ideal for extremely fast chilling needs. These freezers help eliminate contamination from bacteria and maintain the quality of food products. A must-have product for any kitchen, they also prevent any weight loss of food products. The frozen food can be stored and used for several days without any alterations in its property.
M-FS3501 - UC/- | Under-Counter Freezer | 3 DOOR
(Excl. all Taxes)
Mukunda Foods Under-Counter Freezers are the most economical, effective solution for safe storage of perishable foods. The freezers incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative features, guaranteeing long-lasting freshness. Built to last, and to meet the demands of the high sub-continental temperatures, these machines cut power bills through energy-saving innovations, helping your business grow. Just what you would expect from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial refrigerator prices vary based on size and features. Our models range from 48,000/- to 1,40,000/-. Do consider your business needs and budget when selecting the right refrigerator for your commercial kitchen.
Commercial refrigeration uses a compressor and refrigerant to remove heat from the interior, maintaining the temperature low. The compressor circulates refrigerant through coils, absorbing heat and expelling it outside. There are two ways to circulate the cool air – Static and ventilated. The cooled air circulating inside the refrigerator helps in preserving perishable items.
Absolutely. Commercial refrigerators are essential for preserving food freshness, ensuring food safety, and complying with health regulations. They prevent bacterial growth, extend shelf life, and maintain the quality of ingredients, making them a crucial investment for any food and beverage business.
With a commitment to innovation, durability, and energy efficiency, Mukunda Foods stand out. IoT-connected technology ensures precise temperature control and real-time temperature notifications. Enjoy these best technologies at the best price point, making it a cost-effective and advanced solution in comparison to others.
Commercial refrigerators come in various types, including vertical freezers, Madeline’s, undercounter, and display refrigerators. You can also opt for specialized units like blast chillers and coolers. There are various options available as per your space constraints, storage needs, and the type of items you'll be storing.