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    Wokie doesn’t expect you to be a pro cook and doesn’t demand your 100 percent attention. Add up to 100 custom recipes; when ready to cook, pick the right recipe from the list along with the appropriate portion size, prepare ingredients as per the recipe, Start and follow instructions. Let wokie do its magic. Packing cutting-edge features, this one isn’t just smart in the name. It tells you when to do what and help you replicate the world-class dish your head chef has developed.

    Benefits Of Wokie

    Add 50 Preloaded Recipes to Your Menu

    Enable Your Existing Chef to Offer Chinese Food Too.

    Pull of the Precision Flavors of Wok Cuisine.

    Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain.

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    Salient Features of Wokie!

    Assisted Cooking

    Wokie tells you what to add, when to add, how much to add maintaining speed and temperature of drum as per set recipe

    Save Labour

    One operator can operate 2-3 machines
    at a time, saving labor and space.

    Automated Heat Control

    No need to worry about manually heat checking; an accurate heat control system
    of Wokie is there to rescue

    Read What Our Customers Say About Us!

    Making processes standardised is one of the critical areas that we have been working on for a long time. Mukunda foods is one of our most trusted partners for scaling process automation. R&D teams of both the companies have been working together very closely to build long term solutions and we can already see the impact of some of our work. We are just scratching the surface and there is a long way to go.


    CTO, Rebel Foods