timeline demo

  1. Italian Trulli
    Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated
  2. Italian Trulli
    Received the first round of funding from IAN (Indian Angel Network) and commenced product development on Dosamatic
  3. Italian Trulli
    The first beta unit was sold to a restaurant at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  4. Italian Trulli
    Sold around 100 machines in 17 countries
  5. Italian Trulli
    Launched the second product, Doughbot and a new version of Dosamatic
  6. Italian Trulli
    Started working with fast-growing brands to build customized bots
  7. Italian Trulli
    Received Series-A funding from nCubate capital
  8. Italian Trulli
    Launched Biryani machine and Paratha machine to select brands
  9. Italian Trulli
    Pre-booking of B2C product, eCook
  10. Italian Trulli
    Launched Chinese food-making machine, Wokie to select brands