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The story India’s love with Chinese food might be worth crores

With its rice and gr

How food automation can save money for food entrepreneurs

  In the food i

French fries, Crispy chicken, Chicken popcorn, red chillies and many more
How Fried Foods Can Expand Your Menu and Grow Revenue

In today’s foo

Is Automation a Viable Solution for Food Industry? 5 Factors restaurants Can Explore

The Indian foodservi

Kitchen robots by Mukunda Foods
How to deliver larger output with less kitchen space?

From a quick-service

Essential Kitchen Equipment for Your Cloud Kitchen? Part-2

Just to refresh, a c

What are the TOP-10 Kitchen Equipment for Your Cloud Kitchen?

Starting a cloud kit

Are Cooking Robots and Kitchen Automation going to be the “New Normal” for post Covid -19 F&B world?

The world’s ju

Food Innovation II: A Covid-Sniffing Robots Which can take your order, flip your burger patty and serve you a hot coffee

Sure, seven months i

With the big Brands coming in, Is the future all about cloud kitchens? Alternative Delivery platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram?

Similarly, Marriott

Top 8 Cloud Kitchen Promotional Ideas During Covid Times

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In the Era of Covid-19, is “Shared Kitchen” the best bet to open your “Cloud Kitchen”?

With the F&B ind

Can IPL bring back the “Ache Din” for F&B Industry?

Indian Premier Leagu

How India’s top Cloud Kitchen brands changing their processes & concepts in Pandemic?

The F&B industry

Is Cloud kitchen profitable to survive the post-COVID restaurant market?

If you look at the o

Growth Hacks: Restaurant industry may see increase in profit margin after Covid-19

When looking at the

Food Innovation: A Self Heating Chinese Food Container which fights Corona in Japan and detects Food quality in UK

What if food contain

The Future Story of Eating out, Takeaway and Online Ordering

The comfy couch, the

Present and Future of Meal Kits in India: Can This Be The Next Big Thing?

The joy of cooking a

Next Big Solutions to Restaurants in post Pandemic World – The Cloud Kitchen & Kitchen Automation

COVID-19 has wallope

Dining’s New Normal in Singapore – Here’s what to Expect from F&B Industry

Science & Art behind the Frying and MFPL Frying Platforms

Fried food is hard t

Self-Serving Machines: The Noise before the Norm in the Food Industry

Kitchen technology w

Role of Technology post Unlock 1.0 for F&B sector

As the country gradu

Food Delivery Super Hero
Food Delivery and Grocery Services: The Unsung Heroes in COVID-19 Times

Girl not liking the food taste of QSR and Cloud kitchen
How Quick Service Restaurants And Cloud Kitchens Are Managing Taste in Their Quest of Expansion?

7 Misconceptions about Kitchen Automation the Food Business Owners (still) have

The current business

Food Delivery
Food Business in the Age of Food Deliveries

The current business

How Automation At Your Kitchen Can Reduce Operation Expenses?

Imagine this scenari

Industry 4.0 and Where Automation Stands in the Kitchen Industry

Early last year, new

Trends in Food Tech Industry across the Globe

Food tech start-ups

This company run canteen, severs their employees with crispy dosas without a skilled chef.

Dosa making has been

6 Tech Advancements That Your Quick Service Restaurant Needs To Adapt To Increase Sales and Better Operations

Customers’ expecta

Meet The Risk Management Institute Which doesn’t want any risk at their kitchen

Dosa preparation has

This is what happens when your DosaMatic stops working

Whenever we make a h

The story of a globe-trotting techie, who found his peace selling dosas

We all would have be

How Food Entrepreneurs Can End Their Everyday Firefighting

If your restaurant b

Fresh Dosas at the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen Courtesy of the DosaMatic

Idlis and dosas are

Is kitchen automation the next big leap for the food industry?

Kitchen automation i