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6 Tech Advancements That Your Quick Service Restaurant Needs To Adapt To Increase Sales and Better Operations

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Food Delivery
Food Business in the Age of Food Deliveries

The current business

Fresh Dosas at the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen Courtesy of the DosaMatic

Idlis and dosas are

How Automation At Your Kitchen Can Reduce Operation Expenses?

Imagine this scenari

How Food Entrepreneurs Can End Their Everyday Firefighting

If your restaurant b

Industry 4.0 and Where Automation Stands in the Kitchen Industry

Early last year, new

Is kitchen automation the next big leap for the food industry?

Kitchen automation i

Meet The Risk Management Institute Which doesn’t want any risk at their kitchen

Dosa preparation has

The story of a globe-trotting techie, who found his peace selling dosas

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This company run canteen, severs their employees with crispy dosas without a skilled chef.

Dosa making has been

This is what happens when your DosaMatic stops working

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Trends in Food Tech Industry across the Globe

Food tech start-ups