Pro-RiCo Overview

Pro-RiCo, an Intelligent Boiler & Steamer

Making rice isn’t difficult – until you’re doing it for paying customers who demand high quality and consistency in taste. To help save you from that, Mukunda Foods brings you one of the smart kitchen solutions that chefs need and deserve – Pro-RiCo, An Intelligent rice maker. If you run a QSR, restaurant, or cloud kitchen, this automatic machine brings peace of mind to you; Flexing advanced features like IoT Connectivity and a neat and appealing aesthetic with diverse menu options. It promises to save you cooking woes, output delicious foods, and enable your business with growth opportunities in different ways.


Pro-RiCo, an Intelligent Boiler & Steamer

How it works


How does Pro-RiCo work?


Pro-Rico 4-in-1 solution for your commercial kitchen

Cook Rice

Boil Noodles

Boil Pasta

Regenerate Anything


Auto Cleaning

Pro-RiCo will take water as per rice quantity, clean it with the help of spatula


Auto Soaking

Pro-RiCo will soak rice as per SOP to get best yield



IOT – Connectivity, your fryer can be centrally connected for new updates and to analyze all types of data sets

Get Long grains of rice every time


  • Get the same quality of rice, noodles and pasta every time
  • Lesser dependency on manpower
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to train staff
  • Can cook rice by absorption and dispersion method
  • Now your kitchen staff can multitask
  • One-year warranty and quick service
  • Easy to maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • Better utilization, Pro-RiCo can do boiling as well as regeneration

Built together, built for the best

  • Pro-RiCo is designed for brands that don’t want to compromise on food quality
  • It is fully customized for your needs, to cook your kind of food
  • It is designed for peace of mind and hassle free cooking
  • Pro-RiCo gets regular updates and gets smarter. Just like your phone

The only connected machine,
with live analytics

Why do you need
an IOT Connected Pro-RiCo?

  • Launch new menu’s remotely
  • Check energy consumption
  • Reduce pilferage
  • Assist in inventory management
  • Wi-Fi is required to run this functionality in your outlet.
    Connected features are charged additionally.

Complimentary access
to kitchen OS platform

An industry leading platform
to control your menu, machine
& monitor

Customize food as per your SOP

Create pre programmed menus

Select cleaning time

Select soaking time

Select cooking time


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