What are the TOP-10 Kitchen Equipment for Your Cloud Kitchen?


Starting a cloud kitchen involves various decisions. From the delivery areas and restaurant name to equipment, licensing and so much more.

Great restaurants need the best equipment in order to thrive. That’s why they’re happy to shell out large amounts of money on these items. As well as enabling them to store, prepare and sell food, they can dictate the success of the business.

If you’re looking to buy commercial kitchen appliances for your cloud kitchen, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a list of all the items you need.

Having the right restaurant equipment is essential for the long term success of your cloud kitchen business. Research by the National Restaurant Association states that efficient equipment is the key to significant savings. With the right types of equipment and tools in place, your delivery-only restaurant will be able to operate faster and deliver better. That is why you must be extremely careful while choosing the appropriate equipment for running your business successfully. 

The Right Equipment for Cloud Kitchens

Cloud kitchens, operate entirely from the backend. While this model saves substantial front-end costs but significant investment goes into equipping the right types of kitchen equipment. In the typical cloud kitchen model, operators hire space for only setting up the kitchen infrastructure and equip it with their own equipment. This model requires a more substantial investment for procuring the right equipment. 

Here is a list of restaurant kitchen equipment that is needed for a Cloud Kitchen.


While designing the food preparation area, choose counters that are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel counters are sturdy, resistant to corrosion and bacteria growth. They are easy to maintain and can withstand the harsh cleaning products that are usually used in commercial kitchens.

2.Commercial Reach-In Refrigerators and freezers

Consider purchasing new refrigerators and freezing units that come with warranty coverage and require minimum maintenance. Before buying, conduct proper market research about the different industrial brands/manufacturers that produce refrigeration units for a commercial kitchen.

3.Cooking Range

Before investing in any commercial cooking top/ stove range, analyze whether you want to install a gas-based range or electric range. While gas models make it easier to adjust the heat and temperature settings, electrical products have a smooth, elegant, and easy to clean design.


Even though both standard and convection ovens are considered essential, depending upon your requirement and kitchen space, you can even go for combination ovens. Combi ovens are usually more expensive than a standard or convection oven. However, since they combine the elements of the two units, investing in them may seem a wise decision for your cloud kitchen.

Mukunda Foods has launched a range of commercial ovens, Combi ovens, Steam + Microwave and also range of Impinger oven.

5.Commercial Fryer

For some commercial kitchens, a major deciding factor when selecting a fryer unit is the fryer’s power source. This kitchen equipment typically works on either gas or electricity. Gas fryers are usually cheaper to run and consume less energy over time but can be expensive to install.


Place the food in the basket, select the apt menu – the food will automatically be fried per the pre-set time and temperature. It has up to 50 recipes, pick the right recipe from the list along with appropriate portion size. Visit www.mukundafoods.com for more details.


Sinks play an essential role in ensuring proper cleanliness in the kitchen and achieving food safety goals. You may install a single, double, or triple-sink wash station along with a dishwashing unit in your commercial kitchen.

7.Cutting Surfaces

Even though stainless steel food preparation surfaces are durable, it is recommended not to do the heavy prep work such as slicing, cutting, chopping, etc. – directly on them. Using cutting boards would protect the countertops from cuts and slices, and also provide a stable prep surface. When it comes to choosing a cutting board, you can either go for a plastic or wooden one. Both materials are easy to maintain and can be sanitized without eroding the surface.


Kitchen shelves and racks are available in different sizes and materials. You can choose the most viable one, depending on your dark kitchen’s storage needs. Consider installing mobile shelving units that provide better flexibility to move your shelves, enabling the floors, walls, and other vital surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

9.Automatic Rice Maker

When it comes to restaurant cooking, the best commercial rice Maker will need to offer sturdy construction, longer performance and greater durability to handle larger batches of rice. A rice maker yielding a decent capacity paired with easy use and maintenance well suited for a commercial setting.

The automated smart machine is capable of rice washing, cleaning, soaking and boiling the rice/noodle/pasta through water dispersion and absorption methods.

  • Auto-dispensing of Salt and Oil
  • Capacity – 2-3 kgs raw rice
  • Easy to clean and use
  • The same machine can also wash and boil Pasta and Noodles

Have you ever delivered hot food from your cloud kitchen but surprised to hear that the customer was not happy with the food being cold. This warmer is designed to take care of the last mile delivery. The moment you received one order online and prepared the food. But the delivery person is late. You can put the food inside the warmer. It will maintain the temperature and humidity.

  • Designed to keep the food fresh with even temperature & humidity
  • Excellent for cloud kitchen
  • Equipped with a revolving display and tempered glass panels to provide easy maintenance and durability
  • Easy to Maintain and clean

Buy the Right Equipment

In order to run a successful restaurant, it’s crucial that you arm yourself with the best tools of the trade.

That means buying equipment that not only suits the needs of your staff and your customers but your budget, too.

If you’re not sure what to look for, you can reach out to us.