The story of a globe-trotting techie, who found his peace selling dosas


We all would have been in a position in our life at one point where we will have to choose between the two either “To start your own venture” or “to work in an MNC”. Once we make a decision and pass a few years into your decision there is no way looking back for many of us. Only a few have a mindset to look back at a career decision, meet Mr Akshay who was working in Singapore for a fairly large MNC he planned to quit his well-paid job to come back to India and set up Robo Dosa Stalls.

When it comes to South India, eating of dosa is something that you cannot miss. Customers would like to relish the trademark taste of dosa. As a business, we identify the market potential and start a venture accordingly but threats from an unorganized labour pose a great challenge for a dosa corner. One of our customers did encounter a similar situation and was determined to look out for a possible solution to this problem. After purchasing Dosamatic, he was confident that there were no obstacles in his path. Let’s hear the story of an entrepreneur who has decided to start a dosa café.

Mr Akshay, from Robo Dosa says “Over-dependence on labour affects business interest”
Let’s begin,

How does it feel after quitting a corporate job?

The corporate job has a limited growth in terms of career prospects and bound to certain limitations. Also feel that the personal objectives are not fulfilled and therefore decided to quit the corporate world to start a venture of my interest

How did dosa business strike in your mind?

While I was looking for possible opportunities in the food industry, I noticed that there was a major need to automate certain kitchen related processes. Later I came across dosamatic and expressed interested in the product. The team was very quick in taking things forward.

How does it feel to make a return to India and does it make you feel proud?

Feels great, In a corporate setup, we are usually confined within the air-conditioned room. With more people around, making a return to the homeland reminds me of childhood.

What was the hardship that you faced while finding the right talent for your restaurant?

Due to unorganized labour, retaining the right set of talent is a challenging task and constant lookout for labours makes thing difficult. Having a dosamatic helped me to cope-up with the scarce labour.

Why you wanted an automatic dosa machine? Why not a skilled dosa master?

In an Indian market, we see that there is no franchise for dosa. Given the fact, skilled labour stays on with the organization for some time and then realize the need for utilizing the talent to come up with their own dosa café. In order to reduce dependence on skilled labour, here the dosamatic seem to fit the purpose to overcome this problem.

It’s time to hear your story now, just invest on a dosa making robot, increase your restaurant profitability.