Science & Art behind the Frying and MFPL Frying Platforms


Fried food is hard to resist, be it french-fries, chicken wings, doughnut or what not. No wonder why fried food is always in demand at restaurants. Frying method delivers crisp and delicious food while keeping it moist and tender inside. But frying can be tricky, and doing it well requires not only good technique but also understanding of science behind it.
Maintaining the correct oil temperature is key to frying. If the temperature drops too low, the crust forms slowly, allowing the food to absorb more fat and become greasy. If the oil gets too hot, the food burns on the surface before it cooks through.
Therefore, a number of kitchen equipment companies introduced commercial fryers for large/medium kitchens. With time, these became essential equipment in many restaurants. While the process of dropping product in hot oil is simple enough, selecting the correct commercial deep fryer for the circumstances and application can be difficult.

Whether you own a high-end restaurant, a food truck, or even a concession stand, we can help you finding the perfect “smart” fryer!

The common method among several fryers is to heat the oil to the desired temperature, lower the food into the basket that’s submerged in the hot oil, and then raise the basket once the batter reaches a golden-brown color. It is suggested that oil to be drained off the food on a platter lined with paper towels before serving so that customers don’t receive excess grease on their plates.

But what if we tell you to just take care of only two parts of the whole method. You just take care of the ordered product and serving the client. All other parts will be taken care by our “SMART” Fryer.


Our fryers are an excellent choice for space saving and performance. If frying is an integral part of cooking method for the restaurant, these countertop models will deliver delicious products while taking up minimal space in the kitchen.
There are also duct less countertop models for increased convenience and safety. These units are able to handle constant use throughout the day, making them well-suited for busy establishments. These are available in electric and gas models. Our fryers have programmable control to help the streamline the cooking process.

Variants of fryers

For some kitchens, the fryer’s power source will be a major deciding factor when selecting a unit. Depending on the size and style, there are several different options to consider that meet utility requirements.

EcoFryer & Pan



Electric fryers

Electric Fryers utilize various heating elements that come directly into contact with the oil. These are typically more efficient when heating up, and have quicker heat recovery between batches. There are more mobile and easier to install.
Powered by gas lines, gas fryers can have heating elements that sit in or out of the pot. These operate more efficiently, hence cheaper to use

Vent less Countertop
Proper ventilation is usually mandated by code for multiple pieces of kitchen equipment, which demand space. Vent less fryers can help to ease that burden, as each vent less fryer model has top-of-the-line filtration system that eliminates the need for hood ventilation. This means that the fryer can be used anywhere, even locations without a hood vent, like food stands or kiosks.

Advanced Controls and Options

Recipe Management: With advanced operating systems, these fryers can store recipes of the menu so accordingly the oil temperature and frying time will be predefined. The fryer will send notifications when the preset cooking time expires and will stop automatic, which ensures the proper cooking and frying.

Automatic Basket Lifts: This technology will raise the baskets when the cooking time expires, which help employees who are tackling other responsibilities. It will cook perfectly fried fish, onion rings, and other products without fear of overcooking or undercooking.

Energy Efficient Models: These are energy-efficient models which has blower system powered by an economical electric motor. It pushes or pulls heat from combustion through the unit. It doesn’t have to rely solely on gas pressure to heat the tank. Some models have premix burners that mix precise combos of gas and air to achieve excellent efficiency rates.

Heat curve/Recovery Time: Heat curve/Recovery time is the length of time it takes the oil to return to the desired cooking temperature after food is submerged in it. If the temperature drops too much or does not return quickly to the proper cooking temperature, the food may absorb excess fat and become greasy. Our fryers will ensure this issue is taken care of and the length of time is negligible to zero. With this, food can be cooked quickly, thanks to the fryer’s quick recovery time.

Temperature Control / temperature Range: Proper temperature control is important because if the temperature is too high, oil can burn and ruin the food’s taste, also limiting the life of the oil. If the temperature is too low, product won’t be as crisp and absorb more oil. Our fryers maintain the temperature apt and will not be frying unless the preset temperature is maintained. It also has an over-temperature cut-out device.

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