Meet The Risk Management Institute Which doesn’t want any risk at their kitchen


Dosa preparation has always played an important role in south Indian cuisines. Having dosa’s with chutney is something which no south Indian miss. We have been relishing this as chefs have been preparing dosa’s using the finest ingredients coupled with dosa batter. Our kitchen staffs have encountered various hassles in preparing dosas. Due to constant human intervention, the consistency of dosas could not be met. Given this problem, there is a need to reduce human effort.

Indian Institute of Risk Management is based out in Hyderabad, It has been approved by statutory bodies like IRDA & AICTE. The institute has always been at the forefront in imparting knowledge and skills which will help students to prepare themselves to pursue their career in the field of financial services.

Their Requirement and problem:

The institute has been running a canteen to cater to the needs of both students and staff. There is a huge requirement for dosas of various verities. The institute has a few kitchen staff who are involved in preparing food. The kitchen staff was not able to meet the requirement, most of the time the dosas used to either get overcooked or under cooked therefore leading to wastage of dosa batter. Due to constant human intervention, the consistency of dosas was very tough to maintain.

How Dosa Matic helped them with their problem:

The machine was purchased to facilitate the canteen to meet the requirements for dosas. Due to the constant requirement, the institute wanted to reduce human intervention and so the chances of wastage due to error. In terms of usage, The machine is flexible in preparing multiple varieties of dosas, customize the thickness of dosa, option to prepare oil free dosa and so on. The machine fits the purpose to fulfil the requirements of the canteen.

Why did they order the 2nd machine:

Initially, the institute purchased one machine to fulfill the needs of the canteen but given the consistency and the quality achieved using the Dosamatic, the institute bought another machine.

How they can order for their requirement:

As we know dosas are usually prepared with a help of skilled chefs using gas/induction stoves. This conventional way of dosa preparation has left the institution with a lot of hassles. This machine can maintain precise consistency in dosa preparation. The machine has reduced human intervention and thereby allowing the institute to cut down cost on labour. Dosamatic will be the right fit for your requirement. For more information and live demo of the product contact +91 8088496555.