Fresh Dosas at the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen Courtesy of the DosaMatic


Idlis and dosas are probably the most well-known of all south Indian dishes. These may look simple to make but there is an art to making dosas. A good dosa is thin, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. When it comes to restaurants and canteens, it isn’t good enough to make one good dosa, you need to make good dosas consistently. Thus, a restaurant’s or canteen’s ability to serve dosas is dependent on their chef’s expertise. This is where it becomes beneficial to automate the system with devices like the Dosamatic.

South Indian dishes are popular on the menu of the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. This canteen serves MPs and other government workers in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Recently, an effort has been made to make the menu of this canteen healthier with the introduction of indigenous foods like dosas, paav bhaji, dhoklas, sprouts etc and the removal of aerated drinks and packaged fruit drinks. To make it easier for the canteen staff to offer fresh dosas, a dosamatic was installed in the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen.

The installation of the Dosamatic in the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen is no small feat. For any new equipment to be purchased, it must first go through many levels of checks, documentation and certification. Having impressed everyone who saw the machine at work, it was finally installed on the 2nd of November 2018. Some of the factors that led to its approval were the low dependence on electricity, the hygienic method of dosa preparation and the fact that it does not contribute to pollution. Now, guests at the President’s Secretariat Departmental Canteen can enjoy freshly made dosas without breathing in smoke from a tawa.

The dosamatic is a one-button automated dosa making machine that reduces dependence on manual labour. It can make up to 60 dosas an hour with multiple types of batter. In fact, it can make over 99 different types of dosas. This machine also allows you to customize the size and thickness of the dosa. Since the process is automated, it ensures consistent quality whether you’re making 10 dosas or 50 dosas. It also has an auto clean feature that keeps the process hygienic. Along with dosas, the dosamatic can also make a range of delicious uttapams.

In the long term, the Dosamatic can reduce operational costs and help boost profits. This is because the machine is very easy to operate and does not require any particular skill set. It offers consistent quality that promotes the image of the canteen or restaurant. It’s automated cleaning function also helps the restaurant maintain high standards of hygiene.

About Mukunda Foods

Dosamatic is a product of Mukunda Foods. This is a Bengaluru based kitchen robotic company with a vision to revolutionize the kitchen by merging traditions and technology together. The Dosamatic is one of the company’s biggest success stories with units already in use at a number of hotels like the Ibis chain of hotels. It has also been installed on the INS Jyoti, a ship of the Indian Navy.