6 Tech Advancements That Your Quick Service Restaurant Needs To Adapt To Increase Sales and Better Operations


Customers’ expectations from the business establishment is changing by the day. This cannot be achieved without the help of technological advancements in daily business. Automation is becoming the talk of the town, here hotel or food business is no exception. In order to improve the efficiency and increase the revenue, catering to the needs of the customer has become very easy.

Cloud Based – Point of Sale Terminal:

Point of sale machine has been a valuable asset for every restaurant owner. This records orders and revenue that was earned as on that day and this includes revenues that were earned through third party integration. With the cloud based integration the data is stored not locally but on a remote server. As restaurant owners we would like to meet the expectations of the customers and only then will the revenue go up.

Some of the POS Terminals: posist.com | foodenginepos.com | ezeeburrp.com

iPad – To collect feedback:

We would like to know if the customer is happy with the food offered in the restaurant. Web feedbacks could be prone to bias response, data collected in iPad will be more precise because it’s being captured on the premises. As action is initiated immediately, collecting feedbacks on iPad reduces the chance of customer posting negative reviews on social media. On time collection of feedbacks makes the customer feel that you always care for them.

Raw Material Inventory Management:

Effective inventory management is the success mantra for every restaurant. Proper inventory management helps the owner to track in flow and consumption of raw materials. Optimum utilization of raw materials will help to control the variable costs.

Some of the POS Terminals: orqus.com | simpleorder.com | focussoftnet.com/

Kitchen Automation:

Install an automatic dosa making machine: Dosamatic

As far as we know dosa preparation has always been done using gas stoves or induction stoves. When it comes to preparing dosa’s in bulk our chefs have encountered lot of hassles. Due to constant human intervention, the consistency in dosa could not be met. Such hassles can be eliminated with dosamatic, now we can be assured that automation has been extended to the restaurant kitchens. Due to precise consistency in dosa our customers will come back for more and will continue to keep the cash registers ringing. To get the feel of the product contact +91 8088496555.

You can even try to install Rational combi oven, DoughBot & some other machine to automate a very big part of your kitchen. Maintain consistency and quality by kitchen automation.

Free Wi-Fi:

When prospective customer visit an eatery they are likely to choose a restaurant providing free Wi-Fi. The customers will likely share their dining experience in your restaurant, which ensures positive publicity for your restaurant. Other the other hand posting selfies from your restaurant will attract more customers. Customers will spend more time as they would like to make full use of the Wi-Fi facility provided in the restaurant. This gives the owner the opportunity to upscale the sale.

Cloud Based Order Management System:

In a hotel environment tracking orders will be difficult task, with introduction of hotel management system tracking of orders will be made easy. With this the kitchen staff will be able to work more efficiently and thereby meeting the customer requirements. The order database will be stored in a remote server and therefore helping the owners understand the taste and preference of the customer. With the help of the database restaurant owners can utilize their resource more efficiently.

Bring Technology to Your Premise & Increase Sales