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Mukunda Foods is a top kitchen robotics company, trusted by commercial food brands globally. Committed to redefine the segment with smarter, efficient, and connected commercial kitchen equipments, Mukunda Foods employs advanced technologies in its kitchen automation products.

As a top kitchen robotics company, we are always striding forward to outmatch standards with our binding investments in research and development. The ultimate goal is to blend advanced technology with the traditional food-preparation and cooking methods. If you run a large kitchen, cloud kitchen, QSR, cafeteria or canteen, leverage on the commercial kitchen robotics of Mukunda Foods to make life easier for your chef.


This automatic frying machine is quite simple and straightforward to use. It has 50 recipes that are easy to customize per your unique needs and requirements.

Modernize your commercial kitchen with advanced bots with a reliable kitchen automation partner, and enjoy custom smart kitchen solutions.


Subradeep Bhowmik
Founder, Auntie Fung's

It could be a game changer what Mukunda Foods is trying to do with its equipment and disrupt food businesses. At Auntie Fung's, their machines could solve the problem of a skilled workforce, which translated into the product's consistency. Our vision is to scale up, and these automations will play a significant role.

Suraj Bhatia
Founder, Delhiicasy

Serving consistently good and same taste is a real challenge when one scales up. I always wanted to fix it before opening 10-20 outlets and am glad that I trusted automations by Mukunda Foods. With machines like Wokie and Eco-Fryer, my food tastes the same across the year, irrespective of who is cooking. I also spend minimal time and resources on training my staff

Rohit Bhalla
Head- New Category Development, ITC

Mukunda Foods has been a great partner for us so far. They have set-up a team that understands the client’s needs very well and are genuinely entrepreneurial in finding innovative solutions to unsolved challenges. Management here brings in the big picture for the project and aligns it with the client’s needs. We have just started and firmly believe that we will make something big in close partnership with Mukunda Foods.

Ankit Jain
Founder, The Country Wok

We have good chefs, but they can't be at every outlet and replicating their signature recipes was a big worry for us. I firmly believed that we could solve it with technology, and that's how Mukunda Foods came into the picture. They had solutions to almost every concern we had, and they had a solid team too. If someone wants to grow their food business, I highly recommend these automations.

Nitin Saluja
Founder, Chaayos

Mukunda Foods is one of its kind startup in India whose member is a hardware engineer at heart. We went to Mukunda with a challenging problem statement that needed an innovator’s DNA. While our development is still underway, I am confident that the product is taking a shape that will meet most of our expectations! I wish Team Mukunda the best for their future!






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Benefits of kitchen robotics

No deviation from SOP

The presence of robots ensure that the highest quality is maintained.

Decrease in OPEX

There is an overall decrease in operational expenditure, with regard to resources.

Less dependency on labour

Kitchen robotics reduces the dependency on skilled labour and expert chefs.

Higher customer satisfaction

The consistency in quality leads to higher customer satisfaction.


About Mukunda Foods (And Its Smart Kitchen Technology)

Founded in 2012, Mukunda Foods has emerged to be a pioneer in the smart kitchen technology, offering the best automated cooking machines. We are a team of visionaries and new-age doers who believe in technology in all its might. The company came into being owing to the need for advancements in the food industry. Today, with a rich portfolio and solid track record, Mukunda Foods stands as a leading robotic kitchen India based company, also catering to the international markets with its high-tech products.

We are giving a spin to the traditional cooking etiquettes, giving it a deep technology integration. Mukunda works with some of the top brands, helping them achieve efficiency (and higher scalability), food safety and hygeince with automatic food making machines. Since inception, our objective has been to deliver the right infrastructure that not only makes things easier for the chefs there but also enable them with higher operational efficiency. With our backend team investing more on research and development, we are continuously working to make smart kitchen technology adoptable for everyone with newer innovations in the food segment.

How Our Smart Kitchen Automation Solutions Make Life Easier

There’s technology innovation for the sake of it – and then there’s commercial kitchen innovation for higher utility purposes. We aim for the latter. We offer advanced kitchen automation solutions that are intended to not only unlock high-return opportunities for the business owners in the food industry but also make their lives easier.

Our Dosamatic, Doughbot, Fryer, Assisted Cooking Technique and other products, used by thousands of kitchens, cloud kitchens, QSRs, cafeteria and canteens in India and abroad, employs smart technology that makes cooking seamlessly easier and efficient. At the same time, the equipment ensures the final output is impeccably per expectations, delivering delicious and hygenic foods to the consumers.

At Mukunda Foods, our vision has always been to incorporate advanced commercial kitchen technology in the food industry to open newer avenues for the businesses and individuals. And our products’ features vouch for that fluently. Our commercial kitchen automation solution ensure hundred percent SOP adherence and flexibility to adapt and innovate. The chefs – and overall staff – using our products enjoy unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and swiftness.

Why Invest in Smart Kitchen Automation Technology

Smart kitchen technology might seem costlier. Advanced kitchen automation has a learning curve. However, progress in technology rarely waits for anyone. Mass adoption of smart kitchen solutions will inevitably happen owing to all the pros – the question is how equipped is your business to take the next leap of technology.

Above all, kitchen automation for commercial kitchens brings great efficiency in the food preparation and cooking processes. The little human errors that “happen” gets permanently resolved. The final dish tastes just as delicious as expected, meal after meal, order after order. Smart kitchen technology brings several financial benefits –– less pilferage, it eliminates the need for a larger workforce, you do not have to spend additional work hours in hiring and trainig new staff, can serve more customer orders in lesser time and all this while maintaining utmost hygeiene and safety standards in your kitchen operations.

Mukunda Foods is one of the leading smart kitchen solutions providers globally. Streamlining high technology with the unique needs and demands of business owners in the food industries, we bring the best and smartest kitchen equipments. Superior in quality, easy to automate, and efficient in output – our solutions ensure your investment in smart kitchen technology is worth it.


If like us, you thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology, then, we’ve got room for you. Get in touch with us.

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