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    Whether you run a cloud kitchen or a QSR, the objective is always to serve your customers well and maximize revenues, and our automatic, Eco-fryer understands it completly. Eco-Fryer not only makes sure that the dishes are fried at their best, but it also makes sure you save on energy, oil and labor and ultimately gain operational efficiency and better revenues.

    Salient Features of Eco-Fryer

    Double Dip

    Double dip feature fries food at the first dip, and the latter dip is for a crisp and perfect golden color.

    Auto Oil Temprature Control

    As per the selected recipe, the temprature of the oil is automatically controlled. So the final dish is perfect.

    Motorised Basket

    Place the food in the basket, select the required menu – the food will be automatically fried as per the pre-set time and temperature.

    Benefits Of Eco-Fryer

    Reduce your oil consumption by 30% and electricity bills by 25%

    Enable Your Staff Multitask and Reduce Labour Cost

    No More the Hassle of Over or Under Cooking of Fried items

    Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain.

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    Read What Our Customers Say About Us!

    “Perfect frying everytime, Frying food has become easy and consistent with Eco fryer”
    Team Wow Momo

    “Consistent quality and taste of fried item has increased customer satisfaction”
    Team Biggies Burger

    With Eco fryer, frying is just an easy job, and staff can now do multitasking without worrying about frying, saving time and extra dedicated staff.”
    Team Swiggy