Smart Induction
Assisted Cooking

How it works

Smart Induction
Assisted Cooking

How it works

Smart Induction – Assisted Cooking Technology


Cook foods that leave people in awe with this assisted cooking technology

Cooking food isn’t easy. And when it comes to doing it for a large number of people, the task-at-hand gets even more challenging. For these challenges come Smart Induction from Mukunda Foods, a top kitchen robotics company. Based on advanced assisted cooking technology, it’s a single-point-of-contact appliance that seamlessly communicates with the users throughout the cooking process. It has plenty of pre-programmed recipes that can easily be customized per your unique requirements.

This assisted cooking appliance, a part of smart kitchen solutions from Mukunda Foods, flexes high-tech features, including auto temperature control, notifications, and instruction guides with pictures. Ideal to cook any kind of recipe that needs to follow SOP, this Smart Induction is an ultimate winner for businesses in food industries that run large kitchens, mesh, or canteens and need to make quality and delicious foods quickly.

How ACT Induction Works

If you can follow basic directions, you can easily use this smart induction. Once you have selected a recipe, the device will outline a list of ingredients you would require. After you have all the ingredients with you, it will provide you step-by-step timely instructions, along with relevant images for your easy understanding. The in-built buzzer will go off every time manual intervention is required. With this assisted cooking technology, you don’t have to sweat about burning the food. It auto controls the temperature per the recipe, ensuring the foods are cooked adequately. So, if you can follow instructions, you can use ACT Smart Induction easily with very little learning.

Cooking With ACT Induction

It’s okay if you’re not good at cooking. You don’t have to be a pro to prepare delicious foods… Not at least if you have ACT induction. Making cooking seamlessly easier – and efficient and time-effective – this assisted cooking technology is a must-have for every kitchen, mess, and canteen. It flexes advanced features and can store 500 recipes, ensuring to prepare your favorite dish, no matter what, in a breeze. Get the ingredients, follow the instructions, and have the appetizing meals ready just like that. To that, its robust data analytics unlocks extensive possibilities, for any food business, of third-party integration and streamlining back-end operations. From the house of a top kitchen robotics company, this smart induction is more than just another cutting-edge appliance. It’s a powerhouse that every chef and food business requires.


A new-age assisted cooking technology that’s trusted by commercial kitchens and top chefs

  • Replicate recipes across all outlets per the instruction of the head chef
  • Maintain consistency in the quality and taste of foods
  • Save manpower cost by eliminating the need for high-skilled cooks
  • Reduce the training time
  • Enjoy business opportunities for brand expansion on the back of standardized, quality and delicious (and affordable) foods
  • Get one-year warranty and quick service


  • 7-inch LDC screen display
  • Android-based IoT enabled
  • Heating control compatibility: Induction and gas-based
  • Space to store 500 different recipes
  • Central recipe update feature