Mukunda Foods Private Limited is a kitchen robotics company co-founded by Eshwar K Vikas and Sudeep Sabat in 2012.We have thus far developed six products that have been installed in over 2000 locations. Moreover, we are continuously developing a number of other products and projects. Our kitchen hots help reduce dependability on labor, elevate consumer experience and help brands expand faster. We are passionate about working as an extended R&D arm developing and manufacturing products. It all began with questioning why the technological leaps and bounds of the human race have not reached the kitchen. With the invention of the first product, Dosamatic, Mukunda Foods closed the gap and gave the kitchen a technological makeover. The technological lag in the kitchen is evident when one looks at how little our cooking utensils have evolved over the ages. Mukunda Foods decided to close this gap by taking a determined step towards giving the kitchen a technological makeover.


We envision the kitchens of the future to be a melting pot of tradition and technology bringing forth convenience to chefs like never before.


Solve Customer Problems

We are quick to identify and accurately respond to the pain points of our customers.

Growth Together

We work towards the continuous growth of We take on tasks, see it through and always our stakeholders and the company at large.

Take Ownership

We take on tasks, see it through and always keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Plan and Deliver Excellence

We have a smooth-running operation that ensures timely delivery and always meets the highest standards.


We believe in our vision and the abilities of our employees to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.


IIGP Stanford winner - 2016
IIT-B Eureka winner (youth category) - 2016
TiE Delhi Spirit of Manufacturing - 2017
Wadhwani Foundation Entrepreneur of the Decade - 2018 Tech Exchange winner - 2019
Tata First Dot Judge's Choice winner