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Think Kitchen Robotics.
Think Mukunda Foods.

Have you ever had to decline an order from your customer because of … unforeseeable circumstances? We’re not pointing any fingers since people obviously have natural limitations. But what if you didn’t have to rely on a 100% human workforce? What if there was a tireless, fully operational robotic chef who could literally work round-the-clock. Enter ClokBots.

  • Better turnaround time
  • Zero Deviation from SOP
  • Add more cuisines with same workforce
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Reduce Skill Dependencies

Anyone can cook deploying clokbots. Cooking is as easy as a click.

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Expand Fast

Deploy at multiple locations yet maintain consistency. Be a consistent Brand.

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Be Profitable

We offer pocket friendly solutions.
Optimise your investments.

We are good at one thing, Kitchen Robotics. Our team of Mechanical, Electronic, IoT, & Food Sciences, create a unique amalgamation of a team that can automate complex food making processes and yet retain the taste & flavour of the food.

With our manufacturing & support expertise, you can be assured of the successful deployment & upkeep of the bots all around.