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How Mukunda Foods Builds Kitchen Bots in 9 Months Flat

How Mukunda Foods Builds Kitchen Bots in 9 Months Flat

One of the biggest challenges underpinning the struggles of the food service industry today is a lack of skilled labour. Long training cycles and high attrition, closely related to inconsistent food quality, can ultimately wreak havoc on an outlet’s (or an entire chain) reputation. While technology presents a ready solution in every area of business, the kitchen is a place that needs a strong alliance of man and machine; a delicate balance of sorts.

Introducing bots in the kitchen is just how restaurant businesses can do away with inefficiencies and offer customers a standardised experience, every time they step into an outlet. However, building a personalised kitchen bot from the ground up is a challenging task, given that a restaurant may not have a dedicated R&D team in place.

Mukunda Foods offers end-to-end automation support for your kitchen, combining innovative R&D with quick manufacturing to build a bot in 9 months flat. Here’s how we do it.


The first stage is all about understanding the restaurant’s problems, taking stock of complexities, making a way through them and developing a prototype that fits the bill. Here’s all that happens in the first stage.


The building of a kitchen bot from scratch begins with the signing of an NDA to ensure that all sensitive information remains secure and confidential. Following that, a thorough discussion takes place, where we understand the objective as well as the problem. This gives us a glimpse of the bigger picture and exactly what needs fixing in your kitchen.


Next, we conduct a workshop – a phase of detailed analysis, aimed at understanding pain points and fixing deliverables. This involves meeting all stakeholders, including the culinary team, followed by understanding the current SOP to ensure efficiency, quality output, and uniformity in performance. Once we’ve identified the pain point (s), our R&D team pays a visit to the kitchen to discuss deliverables, timelines, and commercials.

Presenting Proof of Concept

In the next phase, we present the Proof of Concept to verify the feasibility of the proposed line of action. We iterate on the food’s quality and taste, refining the parameters with each round. Once the desired result has been achieved, the bot’s technical features are locked and the prototype is now ready for installation and real-time feedback.


The second stage in the making of a kitchen bot is all about iteration (and then some more), followed by production and after-sales services.

Prototype and Iterations

After developing the initial prototype, we conduct several rounds of iteration. Next, we take the product live at select outlets on a trial basis and further iteration is carried out if the need arises.

Bulk Production

Now that our end-product is ready and approved, it is replicated and mass produced to be set afloat in the remaining outlets. We offer complete after-sales support on product functionalities and training the workers so that they are well-equipped to handle the machines.

Are kitchen bots really for my business?

Not completely convinced why you should use bots for cooking in the kitchen? Here’s how kitchen bots can help your restaurant realize unparalleled efficiencies -

  • The most pressing issue, especially with large restaurants chains, is that of consistency in food taste and quality. Serving each customer with food that looks and tastes great is indeed challenging. After all, clay hands have limitations. This is where kitchen bots have an edge; they ensure standardisation in food taste and quality, provided proper quantities of each ingredient has been fed into the machine.
  • The cost-benefit ratio of investing in kitchen bots is far more attractive than the recurring expense of hiring experienced and skilled labour; the former is a one-time expense with the added benefit of inerrancy in food taste and quality. Moreover, due to automation, labourers can be hired based on budget and other requirements as skills are no longer a criterion. This significantly reduces payroll costs.
  • Worries regarding an undercooked meal or an unseasoned one can easily become a thing of the past. This not only removes a huge chunk of mental load but also ensures increased speed without compromising on worker productivity or food quality
  • The ultimate goal of every restaurateur is to be known for the business’ exceptional service and a kitchen bot is undoubtedly your right hand man for it. After all, consistency in meals, both in terms of quality and aesthetics, is sure to provide your guests an impeccable dining experience. The natural result of such an experience is enhanced revenue and customer loyalty

At Mukunda Foods, benefit from end-to-end automation solutions, designed for your unique problems. Wow your customers with lip-smacking delicacies that taste great, every time.